Again this year, Bruno Valsecchi and Beppe De Palo attended the Dallas SusCon in Texas and teached a workshop on “Control of Cross Contamination during Body Suspensions”.
As the past edition, this year also the theoretical and professional training of the practitioners had great importance.
There were workshops and theoretical classes on technical and hygienic subjects strictly involved to body suspension like: basic and advanced techniques of rigging, anthropology, cross contamination prevention, choice and feature of tools used, safety during suspensions, hooks placement, different techniques, training to practical aid in case of accidents that may happen during a suspension, legislation (for USA) and many more classes, 32 in total.
Not only we had the chance to develop our technical skills, but also to see extraordinary and innovative suspensions: more than words will talk the pictures Rolf Buchholz took at the event (See them in the picture gallery).
The APTPI Suspension Team, represented  by Bruno and Beppe,  was able to give its support during the Dallas Suscon in simple and more complex body suspensions; it was great to work with other suspension team from all over the world, sharing  our experience and knowledge.
On Saturday, at the LAKEWOOD Theater in Dallas, Fakir Musafar presented “PUJA”, a lecture and collaborative performance with wonderful members of CoRE.
Dancers, piercers, musicians and assistants all worked together in the PUJA performance and Bruno and Beppe had the chance to be actively involved in the show.
The APTPI Suspension Team would like to thanks Allen Falkner and the staff for invited us again at the Dallas SusCon.
Next year a new event in New York will take place instead of the Dallas SusCon!!!
Stay tuned for further details!
APTPI-ST staff