June 2013, Las Vegas (USA)

Like in the past, also this year APTPI has been invited to attend the yearly  APP (Association of Professional Piercers) conference.

It took place at the same location of the last 4 editions: the Bally’s Hotel & Casino, located on the strip, heart of Las Vegas. The hotel is really the best place for an event like this, as it can offer plenty of rooms for the different classes and also a huge meeting room for the biggest jewelry expo in the world.

Here we had the chance to see the novelty of 2013/14: a lot of ethnic jewelry (hangings and stone) but also titanium and stainless steel body piercing jewelry.

As the past years, people could choose between many different classes: from Anatomy of the Body to Initial Jewelry for beginner piercers, from Photography to Customer Service for the Shop managers and many more; also advanced workshops on surface piercing and body suspensions took place.

This year the number of attendees increased considerably and this indicates that many more piercers want to grow professionally but also interact and share their different experience to get rid of frontiers and hindrances.

Everybody was friendly and people were from all over the world when they met in the aisles and at the lounge bar (where they met in the few spare time they had between a class and another).

We could experience the international atmosphere at the usual International Meeting roundtable; there we had the chance to confront the different legislations each country has related to body piercing , and figure out how to make the profession of Body Piercer legal and recognized in countries where it’s not yet.

Attended the International Meeting Italy, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Bolivia and China.

We were happy to see that new Associations of professional piercers were born, one in Russia and one in South America; they will work together with APTPI and APP to regulate in the same way our profession so Piercers from different countries can label themselves professionals at 100%.

A big novelty was the birth of another association related to body suspensions, named ISA (International Suspension Alliance): we are honoured that APTPI president, Bruno Valsecchi, will be part of it.

We are sure that we’ll hear a lot about ISA and, of course, we’ll talk about it at our yearly Italian Suscon that’ll take place in Tirrenia (Pi) next September.

We’d like to invite everybody to join our event, even if not suspending, to see how body suspension practice is growing all over the world and also in Italy.

You can find more information about the Italian Suscon on our website. Join us!!

APTPI staff