6th Italian  suscon, 3 days, more than 70 attendees, 50% foreigners, 50 suspensions, 3 car pulling, more than 300 hooks used, 4 indoor  rigging points, 1 outdoor rigging point, 3 speakers, 4 lessons.

These figures makes this event one of the most important in Europe.

Everything took place in the same site of the past Italian suscon in 2009: the “Regina del Mare” resort in Livorno has  established itself as a perfect location for a suscon; we had the chance to set both indoor and outdoor rigging points, furthermore the  good hospitality and the Tuscan cooking made everything cosy and warm.

Up to this time we made six suscon ,  three  in Amelia, near Terni,  the 4th in Venice and the last two in Livorno  where we’re planning to do the next one.

50 % of the attendees, more than 70 in all, were Italians; most of them were new to the body suspension world  and we really  hope they went through  a very positive experience. The other ones  were  foreigners  coming from Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark , Croatia and United States.

Let’s review some figures.
50 suspensions took place in three days,  some were really unusual, like the Reverse Lotus and the Twin Lotus, some, among the static suspensions, were really evocative (see pics).

As  a novelty , thanks to  this location,  this year  we had  also 3 car pulling.
We used 300 hooks  to make all the participants live the experience of  suspension.
We set 4 indoor rigging points for  static and dynamic suspensions  and 1 outdoor rigging point, used for the spinning beam too, so people had the chance to experience an open-air suspension.

There were 3 speakers: Havve Fjell, from Norway held  the lesson “ Suspension styles and rigging variations”.  He and Christiane Lofblad  attended all our events  and  collaborate with APTPI since the very first Italian Suscon.
Cere Coichetti from United States, member of the  Rite of Passage Suspension Team,  held the class  “Basic rigging: introduction  and  in-depth examination. How to choose safe materials and tools.”.

Allen Falkner from United States; he is considered the Father of Modern Suspension and he first organized the events now known all over the world as Suscons. We are very proud we had him in Italy for the very first time.

For further infos about him you can search in internet  or  visit  . He held two classes: “History of Modern Suspension. A look at the different cultures have affected the art of body suspension” and “ Suspension Mechanics. From rigging to anatomy, the physic behind body suspension”.

APTPI  is  really pleased with this Suscon and give thanks to all the sponsors, attendees , volunteers and speakers , renewing the invitation for the next 7th Italian  Suscon in 2011.

APTPI-ST staff