150 renewed and newby Body Piercers, Body Modifiers and Tattoo artists all together at the BMXnet!
Before anything we would like to introduce you this new name, quiet unknown in the italian scene, but really well known and quiet developed in northern europe.

BMXnet (Body Modification Exchange Network) stands mainly as a cultural movement thanx to direct and active participation of Piercers and Modifiers.
Comunication, opinions and sharing of experiences, within the organization of events and seminars: this is the core of BMXnet.

The project of BMXnet originally belongs to Stephan Stresik, actual president, whos currently working for Wildcat Media and Expand Magazine. Inspired by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) and by the APTPI.
As you can clearly notice the “brand” is quiet different from any other mentioned before, as BMXnet is also involved with Body Modification, and collaborates with professionals which specializes in Implants, Scars and Brandings, and other related procedures, with the goal to develope and increase quality of said procedures.
Here is the conference schedule of this 3 days classes held by Body Piercers, Body Modifiers and tattooists.
Since the conference was attended by operators from very different european countries ( as UK, Netherlands, France, scandinavian countries and so on…), and due to never ending travels to get  there, the organization thought to start the conference with a sort of “warm up” for everyone attending within a suspension party during the afternoon and some night time shows.
Next 2 days have been quiet busy, involving really interesting full immersion classes, Impossible to number all of them, even if we can quote some like: Anthropology (Prof. Palmisano). Surface Piercing Technique (Luis Garcia), Tattoo Machines and their Secrets (Godoy Bros) and Surface to Surface piercing, Beading and Laser Branding ( Steve Haworth).

As well as theoric classes, some workshops were really enjoyed, like that one about Microdermals, a new mainstream generation of jewelry that are innovating the traditional piercing approach.
A very important mention goes to the round table of associations involved in the industry: the APP (usa), APTPI (Italy), OPP, (Germany), DOT (Germany) and the european UETA: here we had a chance to share opinions and talk with other colleagues from the european area, realizing how crucial is to collaborate and communicate even if we belong to different countries. It came out clear that appropriate laws and standards are still confused and really different in every country of the European Union. While we are all waiting for some proper laws to be approved by Bruxelles Parliament, unify  our strength and expand abroad seems to be primarily important, so these kind of events are really needed and not mention a must do for us.

All classes were translated from german to english and vice-versa. There was also an exposition area for suppliers and vendors to attract participants in empty moments between classes.
Our feedback is more than positive: a flawless organization, considering the few volunteers working for all of us,  that in a very short time were able to set up such an event, and personally knowing how many difficulties is possible to meet, we can really congratulate with the staff.
A particular thank you goes to Stephan, who, aside from hosting us so nicely, is constantly supporting our association.

We will not miss next BMXnet events , which surely will hold a major number of attendees and we strongly recommend everyone to join us to make italian voice made abroad.

APTPI staff