2° Italian Suscon in Amelia – September 3/4/5 2006

After the first successful Seminar of suspensions done at the holiday farm “ Piana Delle Selve” in Amelia (TR) on September 2005, APTPI organized the second edition of the Italian Suscon. The schedule have been modify adding one more day and hosting a double number of participants, due to the growing interest to these kind of practices in Italy and to the satisfaction of the participants of the past edition. . Even if only at its second edition the event is at the moment one of the most important European suscons, which is second ( as in participants number ) only to the Oslo Suscon (Oslo Suscon Contest).

The schedule planned for those 3 days has been divided in different classes under a single voice: history, theory and practice. The historical class was based on an anthropological research on rites of passage.

“A time’s travel from antiquity to nowadays, to discover the beginning of these rituals”, on care of the Dr Desirèe Pangerc, Anthropologist at the University of Trieste. The theory class, as in the past edition, wa s c ared by Haave Fiell and Christiane Lofblad, members of the “Wings of Desire Suspension Team” in Oslo, Norway.

During these three days all the participants got suspended, and they also got info rmation and classes about the hygienic aspects of these practices given by the APTPI organizers and the WOD team. At the end of the event 35 suspensions have been counted.

The main topic of the event, the excellence of the relators, the beautiful location (and the incredible typical Italian dishes), and the big wish to be there, all together, in an amazing atmosphere of respect and co division, without barriers between the organization and participants, gave a chance to everyone to develop a unique spontaneous sensation of brotherhood.

APTPI organizes these events to all those are interested in the research of the theory and the practice of anything that contributed at the evo lu tion of the modern Body Piercing. Without any doubt these topics are a part of its beginning and now, more than ever, are keeping operators attention but, as we had a chance to notice ourselves, even to the big public which didn’t have a chance to approach realities like this.

These practices might be considered “primitives” but, seen the results on Italian and international fields, we think it s c rucial of us to spread info rmation ethically and professionally correct, so to live these rituals through safety and hygiene

This phenomenon is living out of any doubt a season of exponential growth, and we think that is ethically correct to help and to give correct info rmation to those that would get into suspensions without any knowledge and proper formation.

We also would like to keep the chance to thank the participants of the past edition for the renewed appreciation and trust at this event again. We want to thank all the new friends we kept on knowing in this edition and the location’s staff, which has been so important to create another successful suscon with its warm and respectful help, giving to us all the right chance to feel comfortable and to enjoy this experience.

APTPI-ST staff