SKYN: 2° Body Suspension Symposium- Brooklin New York 2015

A. P. T. P. I Suspension Team has had the honor to be invited to participate in the great event which this year has replaced, for the United States, the now customary Dallas Suscon in Texas, and the team of suspensions TSD Dallas, USA (I’ll shortly be attending Traumatic Stress Disciplines,historical organiser of the Dallas Suscon) together with WINGS of DESIRE Oslo, Norway and to Anchor Aweigh New York, USA has organized in the city of New York the second symposium on the suspensions Corporal entitled SKIN-NYC that has followed the first symposium organized in 2013 to Oslo by Wings of Desire and that also saw on that occasion our participation as that of the great Australian artist STELARC.
In this event the attention was desired to focus purely on the artistic aspect of the Body Suspension by these express the concept of growth, individual or group, made possible thanks to the collaborative nature of Body Suspension, as to its ability to allow individuals to grow and improve individually through the support of others.
The installation art, which has seen the participation of artists from every part of the globe, is obtained by dividing the available space in a large circle sectioned to turn in 9 large cloves and where the center has had the opportunity to attend the performance of Louis Fleischauer, friday evening and the installation of Genne Laasko on Saturday night, each of the nine segments represented a concept or a period of our lives in which we learn something new and grow as individuals: 1. Birth; 2. Reason; 3. Emotion; 4. Sexual gender; 5. Skin color; 6. Conception of the world; 7. Loss; 8. Ritual; 9. Unit (understood as interaction and agreement with the other individuals, the first step to a new beginning).
THE A. P. T. P. I. Suspension Team, represented on this occasion by Bruno Valsecchi, Joseph “Beppe” De Palo and Zavo (Xavier Castriotta) has been actively involved, to fully interpret the artistic idea of base of the event, working with artists of formation and nationalities to represent well 3 periods/concepts; respectively the slice on the emotions that saw Bruno as the Team leader in the first evening, the color with Zavo and the loss with Beppe. Our group also had the opportunity, during the other days and times of the event to facilitate well 3 suspensions artistic complex. IT IS with great pride that we can say, of course, also thanks to the exciting feedback obtained from 3 persons suspended and by all the artists that we have observed, that they have done an excellent and very satisfactory work encountering fully 3 aspects raised in concept of the event and that should always be considered and observed during a suspension corporal:
1. Safety – the anchorage must be safe in every aspect;
2. Comfort – the person suspended must feel comfortable and safe;
3. Art – something that belongs to the subjective interpretation of the observer.
Our group, which has just completed the last Italian Suscon its 10 years of business, fully reflects the artistic concepts (and not) expressed during this symposium. In these years we have grown as people, both individually and as a group, insisting very on collaborative side, union and emotional that our practice can generate and that is why with all the heart, we thank TDS-Dallas, WoD-Oslo and AA-New York for inviting us and given us the opportunity to express our capacity by organising an event that has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the entire community.
Let us return loads and stimulated in looking forward to a new decade of Italin Suscons Suscon which will begin in September, and why not to a possible 3RD International Symposium of bodily Suspension, perhaps organised in Italy.
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