21.22.23 MAY 2023

The event will open on Sunday, May 21 at about 10.30 and will end on Tuesday, May 23
The program is subject to change in case of adverse weather conditions.

Sunday May 21ST

10.30-12.30 Registration opening
12.30-14.00 Lunch buffet (Reservation required)
14.00-15.00 Presentation of the book ‘Dietro gli occhi’ by Darkam
15.00-16.30 Demonstrations of body suspensions
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.30 Relaxing massages by Samy
16.30-18.30 Demonstrations of body suspensions
18.30-20.30 Aperitivo (Bistrot)
20.30-21.50 “Sound Suspensions” Performance


8.00-12.00 SPA
10.00-19.00 Relaxing massages by Samy
12.00-13.30 Lunch buffet (Reservation required)
13.30-17.00 Body suspensions indoor and outdoor
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.15-20.30 Body suspensions indoor and outdoor
20.30-22.00 Dinner


10.00-12.30 Body suspensions indoor and outdoor
10.00-18.00 Relaxing massages by Samy
12.30-14.00 Lunch buffet (Reservation required)
14.00-17.00 Body suspensions indoor and outdoor
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
18.00 Final greetings


Location Suscon 2023 - CASCINA CAREMMA

Via Cascina Caremma, 2 – 20080 Besate (MI)
T +39 02 9050020
F +39 0290504251




Darkam, in dialogue with Corinne, will talk about his latest graphic novel “Behind the eyes”, published by Progetto Stigma, Eris Edizioni.

Drawn on sketch books, between bus seats and makeshift tables, “Behind the eyes” is a travelogue that reflects on the importance of collective and individual rituals. On the lessons he learned by exploring the world outside, and the world inside themselves. It recounts a six-month journey between Southeast Asia and South America and brings together the pieces of Darkam’s world, made up of dreamlike visions, everyday life, contrasts, magic, drawings under the skin, ancient ceremonies, the world with a backpacker.

Looking for the spiritual tradition, the ancient cultural roots of practices that have come down to us by evolving, tribal tattoos and body modifications, the journey becomes a way to explore oneself and discover how much one can learn from unknown people met on the street and from strange creatures appeared in meditation. Because sometimes to find yourself you have to go far and come back different.

sospensioni sensoriali suscon23SENSORIAL SUSPENSIONS

We would have preferred not to prepare this text, in order to avoid conditioning the performance, but we agreed that it is necessary to give at least a technical background of what we will experience, see, hear and taste all together, in order to be able to enjoy it fully.
An entirely new performance for us.
An evening without a general rehearsal and without being able to fine-tune every detail. It was planned on paper but in practice was only marginally tested, both for reasons of actual realisation and in order not to have unconscious conditioning on the success of the performance.
It is the collective effort of this heterogeneous group to create harmony as a whole.

A call to reawaken the senses that Mother Nature has given us and that we use on a daily basis, often without realising the real value of these gifts that we have been given since birth.
We will use biometric data, technology and derivatives of natural products to try to create a harmonic synergy between the organic, inorganic, empathic and virtual.

Sensorial Suspensions is a multidisciplinary performance involving: body suspensions, music, technology for capturing and transforming certain neural parameters to turn them into light projections, visual, auditive, olfactive and taste stimulation, and for us who will perform the suspensions, also tactile stimulation.

We have tried to create a moment of stimulation of four senses: sight, hearing, smell and taste, trying to involve the audience and performers in an all-round active participation.
The staff will consist of around 20 people who will fill all the necessary positions to coordinate this complex evening.

In addition to the facilitators of body suspensions, two professional musicians, Sebastiano Cavagna and Claudio Rossi, will be involved. In addition to creating a musical carpet, they will make live music through the stimulation of the ropes of one of the suspensions in place, to which sensors will be attached that will transform the mechanical stimulation into electrical stimulation and then, through a specific software, into a digital signal that will be transformed into music.

Enrico Viola, a media artist, will use specific skin electrodes placed on the forehead of one of the people in suspension to pick up neural waves in the different frequencies produced by the brain, representing different brain activities: these waves will be translated into digital and then into luminous signals that will be projected on the main screen during the performance. They will mirror the activities of the suspended person’s brain at that moment.
Samanta Spagnolo, chiropractor and nutritionist, will specially prepare an infusion of specific aromas and essences for taste stimulation, which will harmonise with the incense that will be burnt during the performance for an olfactive stimulation.

In short, an atypical ensemble, but one that we believe will achieve its intended purpose.

We hope to see you participating in this unique evening that we have prepared for all of us.

See you soon

Italian Suscon Suspension Team




Dalla Barcellona college of chiropratic BCC.

La chiropratica è una disciplina che, attraverso manipolazioni e trattamenti fisici, si occupa di diagnosticare, trattare e prevenire i problemi del sistema muscolo-scheletrico e i disturbi che possono intaccare la funzione del sistema nervoso e la salute in generale.

La chiropratica pone particolare attenzione al rapporto del sistema nervoso con altri sistemi, con rispetto all’equilibrio generale del corpo.

Quest’attività sarà a OFFERTA LIBERA e verrà svolta in base alla disponibilità della responsabile.