On the 17 th 18 th 19 th of november APTPI-ST, parteciped in an event that is unique in it’s field, the 3th international symposium.

A unique event created in a rotating fashion, dedicated complietely to the study of body suspension, through seminars, workshops, exhibitions, private body suspensions, special themed Artistic installations.

The idea of the event came from WOD of Oslo , a historic and famos crew at international level, and in this case in collaboration with the “superfly “ suspension crew of berlin. In This event partecipated body suspension teams from all over the world, including the members of APTPI-ST , who activily partecipated in the carring out of the event. Bruno valsecchi (member of APTPI-ST) held one of the classes.


Special guest Stelarc , one of the most important peopole to which body suspension owes it’s history from an Artistic point of view, he was Aldo the creator of the beautiful performance held on saturday evening , in which the members of APTPI-ST also took part in the crew who did the event.

Paul king gave lectures on the antropology of body suspension . Allen Falkner Who helped Move body suspension from a ritual practice to a recreational one.

We were able to do lessons and work shops togheter havve fejll, Alan berardinelli, beto Rea, Floran Puffgy, Chandler Barnes, Louis Fleischauer, Matt Kirk, Lukas Zpira, Big names in the world, and along with the beautiful presence Anna Zakrisson and her lecture “the biology of the pain”

3 intensive days of activity to follow and in same cases, to activily partecipte.

The event gave to the partecipantes the possibility to see and touch this particular world with its varied aspecties.

An event not to miss in its next edition.