3 years of emptiness erased in an instant: the ISST team coordinated by Bruno Valsecchi managed to withstand one of the most terrible moments in contemporary history.
In Cascina Caremma, not far from Milan, the sixteenth Italian Suscon took place from 21 to 23 May, an all-round event: on the first day, culture reigned supreme, with a presentation entitled ‘FAKIR MUSAFAR ROOTS OF THE MODERN RITUAL’ by Luca Antonaglia (sociologist/anthropologist) with interludes recited by Pierpaolo Tesoro and videos edited by Andrea Mollica (all 3 body piercers).
We were treated to a beautiful moment: Fakir’s life as a man, as a multifaceted artist and as a pioneer and icon of body art, and especially of body piercing and body suspension, was presented.
The presentation ended with Pierpaolo reciting a text by Fakir, while Seme (a friend who has been practising suspension for several years) was suspended on a 2 points chest, while a historical video of Fakir during the Sun Dance was projected on the giant screen behind him (we invite you to see the video and the photo gallery published together with this article).
These were truly touching moments for us in the team, as we met Fakir in person and experienced such intense emotions with him that we were left with magnificent memories that will remain indelible in the memory and hearts of all participants.

In the evening there was a presentation of the book ‘MUTATE OR DIE on a journey with the Mutoid Waste Company’ by Rote Zora.
Every morning, for those who wished, Noema Pasquali (performance artist, yoga and Tantra teacher, Therapist) gave yoga lessons.
On Monday morning, a round table discussion was held: this moment of sharing, moderated by psychiatrist Leo Buscaglia, psychologist Francesca Passerone, together with anthropologist Luca Antonaglia and educator Cristiana Amadei, stimulated reflections and comparisons on body modifications and, in particular, body suspension.
It allowed participants to freely express their motivations, feelings and reflections on experiencing such practices first-hand.

We then embarked on two days of suspensions of all kinds, from suicide to coma and fun spinning beams. Static and dynamic suspensions allowed participants to realise their own desires.

There was no lack of exciting, and above all entertaining moments: for many an introspective journey, for others meditative, for most pure fun.

The location, Cascina Caremma, rustic but elegant, was fundamental: its beautiful spa allowed further moments of relaxation, and the food, fresh and genuine, satisfied different tastes and dietary requirements.

There was no lack of collaboration with foreign teams: we thank Beto Rea and Eugenia from the ‘KUKULCAN RITUALS’ team and Christiane from ‘PINPOINT’ in Oslo.

The team managed, with love and passion, these three special days, confirming our immense love for this practice, as ancient as it is noble, which has also come to the present day with playful intentions, but which we have always experienced in a deep and collective way.

We sincerely thank all the participants, the speakers, Francesca of Cascina Caremma with all the wonderful staff and, last but not least, all the members of our team who were able to prove once again that together and in harmony great things can be achieved.
See you next year!

Italian Suscon Suspension Team staff