10th Italian Suscon Anniversary


This year, from the 14th to 17th of September, we celebrated the 10th Italian SusCon. Like in the past, a lot of people attended our SusCon and the event was entirely sold out.

Having so many people coming not only from Italy, but also from Germany, France, Holland, Norway, USA, Canada, Israel, South America and New Zealand, well worth ten years of efforts in order to develop technical skills and knowledge about body suspensions.

We had five different suspension teams working together: APTPI Suspension team from Italy, Wings of Desire, from Oslo, Norway, Superfly Suspension Team from Berlin, Germany, Suicide Suspension Team from Israel, and, for the first time, iWasCured from Toronto, Canada. It was awesome to work all together, every day with different suspension crews where practitioners had the chance to share different experiences and knowledge but the same procedures and care for safety.

People suspended in-door, where they could experience elaborate and complex riggings, but also out-door, suspending in the mediterrian pinewood, and, thanks to our pyramid shape structure, also on the beach and in the sea. In four days we had 69 suspensions and classes on: The use of body in an anthropological perspective, Equipment and knots in body suspension and Control of cross contamination in the body suspension practice.

Also I.S.A., International Suspension Alliance, in which Bruno of the APTPI Suspension Team is one of the association co-founder, was officially introduced to all the people attending the Italian Suscon as the first international association dedicated to the unification of the body suspension community through research, education, outreach, and the dissemination of information pertaining to the safe practice of human suspension to practitioners, the general public, and health care professionals.

Stay tuned for the next year edition news!

We’re pretty sure you won’t miss out the 2015 Italian Suscon!