Back from the 9°edition of the Italian Suscon!

Every year we feel like the last one has been the best Italian Suscon ever,and we do hope this is what all the attendees and volunteers feel ’cause we can’t help being amazed on how many wonderful things happen during this event.

This year it was a really special Suscon: different suspension teams worked together, mixing their characteristic educational path and various experiences and so making possible amazing artistic human installations to take place ( Please have a look at our pictures gallery ).

We experienced something similar at the Oslo Suspension Symposium last year, but during this italian suscon we could work for three whole days together with different suspension teams, so each day we confronted different approaches on different places and gears .
In that way we really had the chance to think and perform unique suspensions.
The location we chose for the suscon let us perform indoor and outdoor suspensions; too bad this year we couldn’t enjoy the beach and the sea like in the past editions, because of the bad weather.

These are the different suspension teams attending the 9th Italian Suscon: APTPI Suspension Team, including the Mutant Suspension Squad, Wings of Desire from Oslo, Superfly Suspension crew from Berlin, and, last but not least, TDS Traumatic Stress Discipline from USA.

During the event people could enjoy three different classes: “Aseptic Technique and Suspension” with Allen Falkner, “Pro Environment Suspension” with Beto Rea and
“Belaying for suspension: safety, theory, and technique” with Alan Belardinelli; we had the presentation of the ibook “Suspension of Disbelief” by Stefano Moscardini and a beautiful rigging demonstration by Chandler Barnes.
People attending the Suscon were from Italy, Germany, France, Norway, Usa, Israel and Mexico; we are proud to say that this year nearly 100 people attended the event and we had 59 suspensions.

A big thank goes to our volunteers, 26 this time (growing the family every year!), that greatly helped us to make this event possible working hard and doing their best!
We also want to thank our suppliers that gave us the chance to use many different tools and gears that helped our creativity and inventiveness: Industrial Strength Italy,  Dissected Art,  Steel Fetish,  IS Needles,   The killer Art,, Solabs, Skinmechanic and BME.

In the end we invite you again to take a look at the pictures gallery and to join us in the next Italian Suscon to experience this amazing way of flying..

APTPI Suspension Team