DALLAS 2012 – Suspension Practitioner Convention

Finally we made it!

Beppe De Palo and I, Bruno Valsecchi, after a couple of years trying to do it, finally made to attend the Dallas SusCon.

This is a unique event, different from any other suspension conventions that take place all over the world: it’s an exclusive and specific event only for suspension teams and practitioners.

That means that different teams, in this occasion there were 38 from all over the world, can interact, confront each other, learn and share their experiences as practitioners, as well as have fun.

In this unique occasion all the participants could improve their know-how about suspensions: from preventing the cross contamination to the amazing suspension forms that can be created and that we actually were able to see during the three days event.

We had the chance to attend very interesting classes: media relations, how to look after wounds that can occur during events like these, math and physics applied to suspension practice, prevention of cross contamination during a suspension, elements of suture related to possible lacerations, legislation and regulations, suspensions and the media, safety, technique, equipment and hooks positioning.

The organization was perfect and all the volunteers great and helpful.


Congratulations for what has been done to make possibile an event like that: from the effective  work schedule, very carefully followed by all the practitioners, to the unbelievable amount of materials provided, from the hotel to the amazing service of the volunteers at the desk, in the kitchen, on the crane, all the technicians, the photographer and so on.

We were 210 people and we made 140 suspensions in three days.

As suscon organizers we know how much effort and work have been necessary.

Again: congratulations!

We’d like to thank Allen Falkner for inviting us.

We also want to thank the staff that made us feel at home and let us enjoy this beautiful experience.

Thanks for the warm welcome we had from all the participants, old and new friends.

See you soon…

Bruno e Beppe

APTPI-ST staff