From September 16th to 18th, 2012 took place the 8th Italian SusCon (Body Suspension Convention).
This year, like the past editions, it took place on a location facing the seaside.
We had still and dynamic suspensions and two really interesting classes.

Ron Garza of the “ Outer Limits “ tattoo shop in Orange County, California, presented his research/experience during the “Puket Vegeterian Festival” in Thailand; he showed us the anthropological and social side of this unique religious event, where fakirism practices have propitiatory purposes for the whole local community.

Another interesting class was presented by Havve Fiell of the “Wings of Desire” Suspension Team in Oslo. “Rigging Styles” was the title and subject of his lesson: he showed the different styles of rigging during suspensions so that people could be more conscious about what suspension choose to experience during the SusCon.

We had 2 outdoor suspension points, on the trees, 3 indoor suspension points and 1 suspension point on the seashore: the pyramid-shape structure we had from the last year allowed us to have also one suspension point in the sea.
This novelty made possible to have really beautiful, simple, touching suspensions; we do recommend to take a look at the picture gallery of the 8th Italian Suscon in our website.  ( )

This year we had also a chill out area with a masseuse where people could relax after suspending.
A great effort was necessary: we had 46 suspensions and 2 classes; this was made possible by the great help of all the volunteers, by the welcome of the hosting resort, by the old and new attendees, without whom we have no reason to organize these events and, of course, by all the sponsors that great helped with their support:  Industrial Strength Italia, Industrial Strength Needles, Micromutazioni, Black Sheep  Hooks.

We do really thanks everybody!
See you next year!

APTPI Suspension Team