It seems like only last year when we first organized the first edition of the Italian Suscon in Amelia, but we are now in the 7th year, without realizing it! The very first edition we offered both suspensions and drawing lessons for tattoists, as we were not sure that we would be able to cover all the expenses. It was a shot in the dark but we are now at the 7th edition with an increasing number of attendees especially from abroad. Suspensions, during the seven years, developed greatly.

More and more people who for the first time attended our Suscon, have learnt to suspend themselves in total safety Others have set up crews and are now performing all over the world. Some other people are now so fond of suspensions that periodically attend Suscons all over Europe. Aptpi is very proud to have being the promoter of this movement in Italy.

Compared to what we have in Italy as Suscons, our goal has been always to do Suspensions with the highest level of safety and hygiene in every type of environment and with every kind of weather. We have achieved that also with the great help of the Wings of Desire Suspension Team from Oslo, that joined us from the very first edition, and combined their experience with leading figures from the international scene.

This year we had Steve Joyner, founder of CoRe ( Constructs of Ritual Evolution, ), who told us about his group of suspensions from the beginning to present in a really interesting lecture that illustrated how they combine music, dance, theatre, stage costume and suspensions in a non predictable and unusual way, involving a large public that has been up to 5000 people.

In addition to Steve Joyner, we asked the guys from the Sinner Team ( to join us and they enthusiasticly accepted. They got over all the red tape barriers and came to Livorno showing us their beautiful documentary about their new way of suspending: the free fall suspensions. Let’s get down to specifics: during the 2011 Suscon, in three days, we had 43 suspensions and 5 pulling, a remarkable amount of effort, both physical and mental, for the crew, who has worked nonstop from the morning to the night to please all the attendees.

A novelty this year was the pyramid-shape structure that allowed us to enjoy the beach for the first time; thanks to its mobility we had the chance to suspend in front of the sea and we experienced really intense and evocative suspensions. We had also indoor suspension points, to be able to suspend even with bad weather, and suspension points in the pine forest for when the heat was too much to have suspensions on the beach.

As we do every year, we want to thank all the attendees, those who keep joining our Suscons from the very first edition and those who for the first time attended one, the international guests which gave us credibility and fame and the volunteers, without them the Suscon couldn’t take place. Join us for the 8th edition! Keep in touch with us and subscribe to our mailing-list to be always update!!!

APTPI Suspension Team