APTPI in occasion of the 7th edition of  NAPLES TATTOO EXPO’, helded at Naples’ Palapartenope on April 17th and 18th, 2010, presented the photo exhibition   “ITALIAN SUSCON, suspension rituals seminar.  (2005/2010, six years of  emotions)”.

Since 2005, APTPI yearly organize ITALIAN SUSCON to promote the body suspension, educating and informing.

APTPI staff conceived the Italian Suscon and developed it with their good friends Håvve Fjell and Christiane Löfblad of the  Oslo based suspension team “Wings of Desire”: serious professionals that helped to integrate and advance our knowledge in this field.

Doing a body suspension without an appropriate knowledge and training could be dangerous.

In the past, Body Suspension was performed in occasion of Hindu and Native Americans Rituals and nowadays is still performed among oriental people, especially in Thailand during the Phuket Vegeterian Festival.

Today we try to satisfy people curiosity about body suspension, giving them the chance to live this intense, mental and physical, experience.
Thank to APTPI team’s many years’ experience, the participants both join the suspension and attend introductory lessons related to that: the social-anthropological aspect, techniques and safety, and this let people to conscientiously choose how to face this experience.

APTPI commit herself to offer fully safety and hygiene, as well as a beautiful landscape given by the several locations that gave us hospitality during these years: Amelia, Sant’Erasmo island in Venice and Livorno coast.

Looking at the attendees faces clearly reveals how positively they go through this experience, in an atmosphere of sharing and reciprocal support.
We are happy to ascertain that Suscon are becoming more numerous and that our efforts aren’t the only one and contribute to spread this experience more and more.

During the Naples Convention many people visited the expo area and showed a considerable interest for the photo exhibition, trying to understand how they could feel in a body suspension; people interacted with Beppe (photo exhibition manager) asking him a lot of technical and “curious” questions about feelings related to this experience, the limit point our body can go beyond and about where and when experience a body suspension.

Special thanks go to the organization that let us show many photographs of the several editions of the Italian Suscon. These were taken by Riccardo “Tetrarca” Baldessarri, award winning and appreciate photographer, that gave us his sensitiveness to tell the body suspension experience without weigh it down with unnecessary words, giving us back the same powerful and alive emotion that we live when we look at someone confronting himself with his limits.

This exhibition is dedicated to his memory.

APTPI-ST staff