On January 15th16th and 17th 2010, at the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Convention Center in Milan, took place the APTPI 2nd International Meeting (6th national edition).

This year were present about 30 % of foreigner attendees, coming from Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Norway, England, Mexico and United States.

As the former edition, there were many professionals from abroad and a vast expo area, as well as a photographic expo and an exhibition of paintings that entertained the attendees during breaks and spare time.

Since the very first day a lot of people enjoyed the expo area, where they had the chance of buying tattoo supplies and a wide choice of the best jewelry made from the best materials.

On the first day classes took place for both piercers and tattoo artists; Dr.Prato Previde’s lesson dealt with marketing theme and Bethra Szumski considered several aspects of Bedside Manner.

On the morning of the second day took place the Cross Contamination class, for both piercers and tattoo artists, held by Dr. Lanfredini.

During the afternoon, APTPI Staff held different classes for the professionals: they commented the videos they realized about correct piercing and tattoo set up, an important occasion to compare different working methodologies based on the personal experiences of each attendee.

People looked very interested in these workshops: a real set up procedure was performed using a special powder, fluorescent under black light, to check the occurrence of cross-contamination.

As supposed, there isn’t only one way to carry out set up and clean up procedures, but the common and most important purpose is to reduce to a minimum the risk of cross-contamination to protect health of both the operators and clients.

On the third day Steve Moore, well-known Canadian tattoo artist, held a very exhaustive class about how to plan and to draw the subject of a tattoo aiming to its best positioning on the body.

In the afternoon Gustavo Barahona, aka Bara, discoursed on traditional tattoo, its history, its most common subjects and their meanings.

Both these lessons aroused appreciation and interest as a consequence of the growing request for traditional subjects and for tattoos of such a size to impose a conscious approach to anatomy.

Elayne Angel, a professional renowned all over the world also for inventing several placements of body piercing as the fourchette, gave the piercers the opportunity to thoroughly understand the face anatomy in relation with their job.

Pat Tidwell offered a very interesting class about free-hand techniques on a sterile field.

This technique avoids the use of pliers preferring needles suitably bended for the different kinds of piercing.

Steve Haworth, pioneer of the modern techniques of body modification, for the first time in Italy, offered the piercers a further occasion to analyze thoroughly different techniques of body piercing with his extra classes on genital beading and piercing surface.

On Saturday night took place the traditional dinner followed by two performances by Mutant Rituals and Painsolution, opened to everybody.

The first show joined together two famous Italian crews, Ordaliarituals and Mutant Suspension Squad, in a single sideshow; Norwegian performers of Painsolution presented a sideshow that entertained and amused the large audience.

The photographic expo and the exhibition of paintings, amazing setting of the meeting, were also noteworthy: the former, Suspension of Disbelief, showed a selection of pictures from all the APTPISuscon meetings; the latter showed artworks of some of the greatest Italian tattoo artists.

Both the expositions were useful to let the people become acquainted with well known or new artists in the fields of painting, photography and tattooing.

Staff and attendees conclusions are positive this year too.

APTPI meeting proved to be an event getting better every year, especially if we consider it on an international scale, both for the growing number of foreigner attendees and for the top ranking and renowned lecturers that hold the classes.

Special thanks go to the volunteers, that greatly helped us to reach such a good organization, to the artists exposing their paintings and photographs, to the attendees, that we invite to the next APTPIevents, to the sponsors, that always help us to offer a better and better International Meeting.

APTPI staff