5° Italian Suscon, International pulling and suspension rituals seminar.

Livorno, September 13th,14th,15th, 2009, resort “Regina del Mare”.

The international APTPI event, focused on suspension and pulling rituals, in the last five years has become one of the most important and followed in Europe.
Also this year foreigners attendees came, fascinated by Italy and its climate.
That’s why APTPI chose to offer a different location for every new edition of this event.
The “Regina del Mare” resort, built just behind the seashore during the second world war, let the attendees enjoy the beauty of the natural and architectonic landscapes besides the event itself.
People came from Holland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Mexico, and the members of Wings of Desire Suspension Team from Norway, like every year, collaborated with APTPI to give life to the suscon.
They held the opening lesson: in the past editions they focused on the historical and cultural aspects of suspensions, while this year they deeply discussed the safety in suspension practices and the advantages of the new “Gilson” suspension hooks, more reliable compared to the most commonly used.
Though we didn’t enjoy a mild weather this year, the new location let us made the best of all the three days.
On Sunday suspensions took place in the pinewood, thanks to steel tie-rods tied to the trees. We arranged one of the steel cables with a slope, so we could realize particularly dynamic suspensions (see pic, ndr.)
During the following two days, due to bad weather, the event took place into a warehouse built in the beginning of the past century.
The post-industrial scenery, imagination and the experience gained over the years made us realize some special suspensions! (see pic, ndr.)
A special thanks to Industrial Strenght International and Industrial Strenght Sharpass Needles for sponsoring part of the event, to Haave e Christiane of W.o.D. for the technical support, to all the volunteers, to the staff of the resort who took us in a faultless way and to all the attendees to whom we renew the invitation to the next Suscon and to all APTPI events.

APTPI-ST staff