On march 15 the APTPI board members have been invited to organize the first Suscon ever done  in the Balcans.
Ana (Badaku Piercing Studio in Rijeka), that already attended other APTPI events, considering the association members professional approach toward these kind of practices, asked us to organize this first ever Balcan Suscon in her city.
The event has been seen with lot of interest and support, so, after founding an appropriate location for the event to be done (Palach club), the Suscon has been easy to do.
During the day we did 10 suspensions so far, many of them really dinamic (like suicide, crucifix & knee). The Suscon went really smooth thanx to some good music and the heat and happyness of  Slovenian, Croatian and Italian participants.
Attendees and their friends openly asked us to repeat such a great experience in Rijeka again, but even in other croatian locations, and the A.P.T.P.I. renewed its full support and help in organizing them whenever there will be the first chance/call.
So here is a big thank to Ana for hosting us so nicely, to the Palach staff for giving us the chance to use their structure and to all  participants and suspendees at this first Balcan Suscon!

APTPI-ST staff