20th Anniversary conference APP – 2015 (Association Professional Piercer)

Just returned from this edition of the annual international conference organised by the Association Professional Piercer, with headquarters in the United States. As usual this year we have participated in the annual Conference that the Association Professional Piercer ( APP ) organizes for twenty years.
Yes, we have already reached the twentieth edition! Incredible how they passed quickly and how many things have changed and have evolved over the years. Note more relevant of this edition was certainly the considerable number of piercers that have for the first time participated in this that, today, is the most important conference dedicated to the practice of body piercing jewelry.
See this exponential increase makes us understand that the new generations of piercers are much more sensitive to the education and vocational training. For us, as APTPI, this is a very important point because for years we have committed ourselves to propose and to understand how important this was a good training to be able to offer a service in a professional manner and safe for the customer.
Exciting to see pioneers, such as Jim Ward, Fakir Musafar, Elayne Angel, Blake Perlingieri to name a few, take presentations to a heterogeneous public as origins and ages. It has been clearly perceive that, despite the practice of body piercing is very ancient, only 30-40 years has made its appearance in western culture and only 20-25 years, there has begun to consider a professional activity.
Then we, as operators, you can still participate actively in the creation of the history of this practice that touches the whole western world in a way cross-culturally.
Between the moments of relief we remember also the annual meeting of international associations, to which APTPI participates constantly since the first edition.
Focal point of this meeting was the discussion of the law, approved this year in England, which forbids the perform piercing genital because they are considered a genital mutilation.
What is more worrying is that the Global Health supports this law. Incredible and completely out of place embracing a conscious decision is voluntary to decorate a part of his body with barbaric practices of mutilation forced by adults against women for cultural issues and/or religious.
There was a long debate on the limitation of their freedom of expression that causes this law to our colleagues and to their customers.
Yes, England if a person has holes to the genitals may be declared to the ministry of the salutes to genital mutilation.
It is concluded, therefore, the conclusion of wanting to tackle this problem collectively. We, as other associations, we have made available, as we have already done on other occasions, to prepare pleadings, each according to their skills, which will be then sent to the entities which have put in place this law. The goal is to try to understand what is the genital piercing from anthropological point of view, anatomical and cultural.
Very much hope to be able to give positive news.
Another important event was the annual open meeting that ISA, ( International Suspension Alliance ) which APTPI and co-founder and active participant in the figure of Bruno Valsecchi, organizes during the Conference APP. It is in fact a ladder of progress achieved and the projects for which you are working.
This year were invited Team Leaders of groups of suspensions from all over the world to join and participate actively in the activities of the ISA. At the moment we have 77 enrolled as general members from as many groups of suspension scattered throughout the world. It has been formed an ethics committee that is dealing with the protocol of accession to the association that will be ready for October after the Mecca Suscon to be held in Omaha USA.
From that moment will be officially opened subscriptions to ISA. It was formed a committee for the drafting of the protocols work in safety which will then be adopted internationally by the members of ISA.
Great progress then!
Now we leave you assuring you to continue to keep you updated on the progress of the evolution of the practice of body piercing jewelry and body suspension international.
APTPI team