1st Italian Conference on PIERCING PRACTICE Roma, 28-10-2015 Organized from Superior Institute of Health

Organized from Superior Institute of Health in Rome, Wednesday, 28 October 2015, the center ONDICO.

Institute of Health organized the first conference on the practice of body piercing.

During the conference are were analyzed interesting topics related to the practice of body piercing.

The followed program of this conference:

– Dott. Renzoni and dr. Pirrera: La practice of piercing: current status and issues.

– Dott. Ciccaglione, Risk infections practice of piercing.

– Dott. Berardesca, Risk dermatological complications and aftercare for piercing.

– Dott. Tammaro and dr. Persechino, the practice of piercing.

– Prof. Liguori and dr. Gallè, Aspect epidemiological and sanitary risks.

– Mr Bruno Valsecchi, body piercer and representative APTPI (Association piercers and tattooists professionals Italian) Introduction to the practice of body piercing and the role of Piercer.

– Dott.ssa Marchetto, Watch and Control of piercing: critical found on territories.

As you can see from the program, a conference was interesting and, with regard to Italian reality. We have followed a number of statistics, research and projections that showed clearly that the National Institute of Health has very clear what constitutes the activity of the piercer, what is actually the body piercing and how it is run.

This makes us think that we’re heading in the right direction for the protection of workers and the health of the client. The fact that they have contacted a piercer, to take part in this work, is equally reveal the sensitivity and interest in this activity, all the more controversial.

During the works, we have followed a series of information that have highlighted the discrepancy on the quality and duration of the training course for operators of body piercing on the whole Italian territory.

In fact, for example, despite the fact that the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in 1998 highlighting and the right to organize professional training courses for operators of piercing and tattoo by regions, to date, 4 regions still do not have adequate in this document. Not to mention the melting pot of regulations, ordinances, laws, regulations on the activities of tattooing and piercing that apply throughout Italian.

In my presentation, I pointed out, among other issues, the concept of professional ethics. I hope this has served to give a clearer idea on the fact that, as a group, we try to improve our business by opting for self teaching, through agencies or industry associations who work in this activity.

I have also highlighted the importance , for those who wish to undertake this work, to integrate the theory part, learned during the training courses, with a serious training to be carried out in a study with a mentor riferiment.

Is indisputable, however, the need to pay particular attention to reputation and the professionalism of teachers and speakers to which one take a part.

I Hope that my presentation on display during the conference has served to give a clearer idea about the possible safety procedures used during the practice of body piercing. These procedures are considered by us, APTPI (Association of Professional Tattooists Piercer Italian), the minimum standards for sanitary safeguarding for the health of the client.

I think I’m flattered and honored to have been called to take this role at what was a first event specific to the piercing. I very much hope it will be followed, and I hope that others will involve, increasingly, professionals in the sectorial ‘my personal conviction that only with the advice of serious professionals you can get to get a fair, modern, effective and, hopefully, unified legislation regulation for the training of the operators and the activities of body piercing.

Stay tuned

Bruno Valsecchi