2015 – Turin, APTPI in the regional committee in order to fill regulatory lacks on tattoo business

//2015 – Turin, APTPI in the regional committee in order to fill regulatory lacks on tattoo business
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2015 – Turin, APTPI in the regional committee in order to fill regulatory lacks on tattoo business

Turin, March 18th, 2015


The Regional Committee asked the Italian Association of  Professional Piercers and Tattooists to be its partner to draw up the tattoo business regulation in Piemonte.


(TURIN) – On March 17th, at the Piemonte Regional Committee building, the Italian Association of Professional Piercers and Tattooists (APTPI), represented by its secretary Emiliano Marchetti, attended as technical adviser a worthwhile meeting with the most important political, economic and management regional representatives.
So, once again, APTPI is at the forefront of quality and safety in tattoo business, working to provide rules and regulations for professionals, to improve higher standards in their job and, as a consequence, safety for them and their clients.
Attended the meeting, organized by the Piemonte region Department of Health and Department of Human Development, Raffaella Pastore on behalf of Health Department, Giulia Trovato on behalf of the Turin ASL 5, Davide Padroni on behalf of the Piemonte C.N.A., Rosi Marrazza and Giuseppe Falcocchio on behalf of Piemonte Craft Trades Confederation, Bruno Somale on behalf of Piemonte ECIPA, Dario Rivela and Claudio Corino on behalf of Piemonte CLAAI, Eliseo Giuseppin and Marco Zoppetti on behalf of the Tattooists Association.
Two the discussion topics, on which to base the Piemonte region body of theory: job and hygiene training courses for tattoo beginners and professionals.
Emiliano Marchetti talked about the work done for the Toscana regional law (n. 28/2004), “even if we can improve it, definitely this law it’s a great starting point”.            The APTPI secretary also highlighted that “training courses for tattoo professionals must clearly explain all the risks involved in this job, in order to make them responsible persons with professional ethics; artistic and technical skills are essential, but that’s not the right place to discuss these issues”.
Now office bearers and technical advisers will work on a schedule and, after the first institutional assessment work,we’ll be called to a new meeting.

Italian Association of Professional Piercers & Tattooists
Via della Chimera, 92 – Arezzo
Tel. 0575 355206 – mail: info@aptpi.org
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