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22.23.24 MAY 2022


This year will be the sixteenth edition of Italian Suscon.
During the event, as is our custom, there will be presentations, suspensions and opportunities for other activities.


To book food and accommodation, you must contact the venue directly according to the instructions sent to you by e-mail and which you can find below. Remember to clearly indicate your food preferences (omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan) and any allergies or intolerances.


The detailed programme of Italian Suscon will be sent to participants by e-mail.

This year, the first day of Suscon, Sunday, May 22nd, will be open to everyone and admission, for this day only, will be free.


  • 10:30-12:30 Registration opening
  • 12:30-14:00 Lunch (non-suscon members are advised to contact the venue to book lunch and possibly dinner)
  • 14:00-16:00 Fakir Musafar: the roots of modern rituals (1st part) (presented by Luca Antonaglia and Pieropaolo Tesoro)
  • 16:00-16:30 Coffee break
  • 16:30-18:30 Fakir Musafar: the roots of modern rituals (2nd part) presented by Luca Antonaglia and Pieropaolo Tesoro)
  • 18:30-20:30 Demonstrations of body suspensions
  • 20:30-22:00 Dinner (non-suscon members are advised to contact the venue to book lunch and possibly dinner)
  • 22:00-23:30 Presentation of the book Mutate or Die by Rote Zora)
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the programme according to the objective needs of the day.



Via Cascina Caremma, 2 – 20080 Besate (MI)
T +39 02 9050020
F +39 0290504251




- Functional Training Coach
- Kettlebell Instructor

HIIT Workout

High-impact metabolic training with a 'High Intensity' protocol with intervals, using the most functional 'tool' we have at our disposal... our body... Get ready to sweat


with Noema Pasquali AkA Tiger Orchid

Noema Pasqauli, AkA Tiger Orchid, is an Italian artist who moved to Geramania where she works with Alternative and Holistic Health Service and teaches Yoga. With more than twenty years of Kundalini Practice and Study, Noema also leads Yoga Nidra and Vinyasa Flow classes. Classes do not require prior knowledge of Yoga, anyone is welcome and can participate! The practice will be of Kundalini mixed Vinyasa Yoga, particular attention will be given to the exercise of Pranayama - from the Sanskrit Control of Vital Energy, refers to the yogic practice of breath regulation - and to Meditation: in addition to the practice of asanas that work mainly on the physical body, it is essential to work on the energetic physiology as well. Through yoga one achieves expansion of the mind, that is not a psychological concept but energy that works in waves and by understanding and expanding these waves it is possible to expand awareness, consciuosness, and finally experience liberation.


Roots of the modern ritual

QThis lesson, initially presented at the Back to the Origins seminar in 2020, is the result of a joint effort by three piercer friends: Andrea Mollica, Pierpaolo Tesoro and Luca Antonaglia. Starting from their own passions and aptitudes, the three speakers constructed a lesson that represents a journey between anthropological research, music, free artistic expression and philosophy. It will be presented again at Suscon 2022 in a new form, while maintaining its basic spirit: when you immerse yourself in a research project, you embark on a journey into the unknown, made up of discovery and magic; going beyond the subject in question, you are forced to come to terms with your inner self, to the point of reviewing many of your certainties and beliefs. In order to understand a character as complex as Fakir Musafar, it was necessary to abandon all prejudices but also the natural temptation to fall into the trap of mythologisation. What can the life and work of one of the most important precursors of contemporary piercing teach us? What is the cultural and spiritual legacy that Fakir has left us? What are the critical points and contradictions that can be seen in the historical and anthropological analysis of his thought? These are just some of the questions that the three lecturers asked themselves in the poietic process that took place during the elaboration of this lecture. It could not simply be a historical account of the life and works of this man. It could not and should not simply be an act of reverence to the myth. That is why the metaphor of the journey best represents the pattern of this lesson. A journey through Fakir Musafar's life: a magical journey through ritual, performance and his philosophy. An anthropological analysis of the vision of a man who has left an indelible mark on the history of piercing and contemporary ritualism.


Graduated in sociology with a specialisation in anthropology and, later, in intercultural mediation. Passionate about sociological and philosophical studies and the history of religions. He started piercing in 2000, turning professional in 2007. Now performs full body piercings and some body mods. He kept a personal column, published monthly (Body Evolution) in the magazine 'Move', which deals with the relationship between body changes and society. Founder member of Aipp. Has attended several seminars on piercing and body mods, including: Body Modification Workshop organised by Micromutazioni, Youmodify and Bmx_net Conference in Essen, Germany. Luca has been a speaker at the four editions of 'Back to the Origins', where he has lectured on the anthropology of piercing. In addition, he gave several lectures in different contexts on the anthropological analysis of the historical and cultural evolution of tattooing, piercing and body modification.


Professional piercer since 2007, actor, voice actor. Speaker on body piercing and the anthropology of body art at regional schools and seminars in Italy.


on the road with Mutoid Waste Company

Based on interviews, the book tells the story of the Mutoid Waste Co. group, which started in London in the mid-1980s as a breeding ground for artists, creative mechanics, musicians and circus performers, creating sculptures, installations and stage sets exclusively from discarded materials.
Their works also consist of vehicles modified to become sculptures or houses on several wheels.
Every mutoid action and creation winks at the dystopian and cyberpunk imaginary of science-fiction literature and comics such as 2000 A.D.
From their origins in London, the story continues to follow the Mutoids along their European stages, until their arrival in Italy in 1990, when they were invited to participate in the Festival dei Teatri di Santarcangelo. Along the banks of the Marecchia River, the Mutoids transform a disused gravel pit into a base of operations called Mutonia.
Mutonia, recognised in 2013 as an Artistic Park and a city asset, after a threat of eviction, is the embodiment of what the group calls Mutopia, a zero-impact way of living and creating art, based on action in the present to change a future that seems destined to generate new inequalities and injustices.


aka Elisa Fosforino is a writer and teacher.

Graduated in History and Criticism of Art with the thesis Becoming monster, machine and mutoid. The posthuman in art. Specialised in the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) method and in teacher training and professional development. Passionate about anarcho-feminism, counterculture in all its manifestations, body marking and body suspension.


The continuous ascent in search of the balance between reason and madness. Ritual and the construction of identity.

We consider the practices of pulling and suspension as true contemporary non-codified rituals that, acting directly on/into the body, may give rise to a redefinition of identity. Our starting point is that crossing the epidermal boundary also represents the crossing of a threshold, the creation of a passage, the ascent to an "other" place, difficult to reach and, for this reason, full of meaning. As in the myth of the Phoenix, the subject undergoes a transformative process of symbolic death and rebirth, which allows him to question his limits and, consequently, to redefine the boundaries of the self, gaining a new balance and a new sense.
Similar to many traditional rituals, these practices also take place in a collective context, thus creating a connection not only between body and mind, but also between subjectivity and collectivity. A single skin, we might say, physical and psychic, individual and collective.
In this round table we will try to explore together thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences related to these practices, seeking the integration of a plurality of points of view to investigate their many possible senses.

  • The concept of neo-rituality and the risk of cultural colonialism.
  • Criticisms, contraindications, limitations, doubts, psychopathology.
  • Corporeal identity: how the sense of self is constructed from physical experience.
  • Transformative role of pain.
  • Group identity, creation of an informal community of belonging/affinity.
  • Community versus sect.
  • Survival of ancient rites in modern society.
  • Education in body manipulation.


Piercer e body mod art dal 1994
Educatore e consulente di body art
Membro dell'Italian Suspension Team
Pratica sospensioni corporali


Educatrice nelle strutture comunali 6-18, lavora prevalentemente con gruppi di adolescenti e pre-adolescenti, su tematiche legate anche alle trasformazioni/modificazioni del corpo VS autolesionismo.
Fa parte dell'Italian Suspension Team ed è appassionata di sospensioni corporali e di tutte le body mods

Francesca Passerone

Originaria di Genova, vive e lavora a Firenze dal 2009
Psicologa e psicoterapeuta, lavora privatamente con adulti, adolescenti, coppie e gruppi
Da più di 20 anni si interessa di pratiche di modificazione corporea e di tutti i temi legati al corpo, all'identità e ai riti di passaggio, da un punto di vista sia psicologico che antropologico.


Psichiatra ex responsabile del Servizio di Salute Mentale di Albenga (Sv)


Piercer professionista e body mod art dal 2007
Laureato in sociologia con specializzazione in antropologia e in seguito in mediazione interculturale.
Appassionato di studi sociologici, filosofici e della storia delle religioni.

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