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News - Eventi Deceased owing to a tongue piercing”

APTPI: “Deceased owing to a tongue piercing”

Referring to the event occurred in Israel to a young man of 22 years old, died from brain abscesses caused by an infection after a tongue piercing, we think that an official statement from us is required.
We think useful to report some figures about the oral piercings in the Body Art  industry.
We list unofficial figures, collected from body piercing and tattoo suppliers:

  1. In Italy we have nearly 1.000 legal shops
  2. Each shop performs about 15 oral piercings in a month (tongue, lip, cheek, etc.)

That  is to say

  1. Nearly 15.000 oral piercings  a month in Italy

That is to say

  1. Nearly 180.000 oral piercings  a year in Italy
  2. Nearly 4.860.000 oral piercings  a year in EU (27 states)

Considering that piercing began its large spreading 15 years ago, that  means

  1. Nearly 97.200.00 oral piercings in EU
  2. No deaths was owing to Body Piercing practices, and in particular to oral piercings, in EU
  3. 1 deceased  in Israel (not an EU state)

Furthermore we list some data based on “The Hospital infections and the  Committees through the history, the regulations, the rules, the quality and the credit ” Dr. Egidio Sesti - A.S.L. N. 9 Grosseto - December 5th , 2001

“ … In Italy an amount of hospitalized patients between 5% and 9% come down with an hospital infection.
Every year in Italy there are from 450,000 to 700,000 infections among hospitalized patients (especially urinary infections, surgical wound infections, pneumonias and sepsis). Since potentially preventable hospital infections are nearly the 30% of all those arisen, we estimate that  every year occur from 135,000 to 210,000 preventable infections, and that these infections are directly cause of death in the 1%  of the cases ( nearly from 1350 to 2100  of preventable deaths in a year )…”

Of course we are not trying to demonize the hospital facilities, in fact we are grateful to the academic staff whose educational materials are a great support to our professional training.
However, the comparison between the above-mentioned data and those released by the Body Art Industry comfort us and should reassure all the people interested in Body Art: these data show that piercers pay attention to safety in their work and to prevent cross-contamination.
We want to stress that fair information should report real data, not demonize the Body Art practices with a sensationalistic intention, as they seem to be safer than they are told to us.
As well, fair information should address their questions and investigations to the professionals concerned and to Tattooists and Piercers that could offer undoubted competence and reliability.


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