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News - Eventi 3° BMXnet, Essen, Germania - eng

3° BMXnet, Essen, Germania

The German BMXnet and the APTPI International meeting in Italy are the only European formative events related to the Body Art industry.
As usual, APTPI has been invited to the 3rd edition of BMXnet.
The organization gave us the chance to set up an info-point in order to promote all the activities we’ve carried out until now: we handed out informative brochure and showed pictures and videos. Particularly, our main purpose has been to introduce the programme of the International meeting that will take place in Milan, from the 15th to the 17th January, 2010.
Togheter with APTPI, there were International suppliers giving to the attendees the opportunity to inquire about the latest development in jewelry and in the equipment that every
well-advanced professional tattoo and piercing shop should have.
During the BMXnet took place full immersion classes and interactive workshops for tattooist, body piecers and body modifiers (visit for the detailed programme) attended by 190 operators mostly coming from North Europe.
To cheer up the free time, several performers entertained the audience with night shows and performances: among all we mention Pain Solution, Visavajara, Superfly and Mundus Absurdus.
We think that BMXnet is a great meeting where professional operators living different realities can work side by side, share information, confront each other and collaborate.
APTPI thanks BMXnet staff for their hospitality and for the helpfulness showed.
For further information visit

Press office APTPI

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