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News - Eventi Dead in 10 hours, the tattoo has nothing to do: the girl damaged by meningitis
Dead in 10 hours, the tattoo has nothing to do: the girl damaged by meningitis


The autopsy rules out allergies: it was the meningococcus

Milan, April 30, 2013 - Federica Iammatteo is not dead because of the tattoo.
For the doctors who performed the autopsy and analyzed the results of the histological examination there is no relationship between the terms "impaired" in which the girl had entered the hospital last week, and the tattoo he had done on the draw arm a few hours before.
The beautiful blonde schoolgirl, aged 23, she would have died instead due to meningitis, although it is still awaiting the final report of the doctors.
Of course, no allergy to the products used by the tattoo artist. Only tragic coincidence.
The girl's death would have occurred technically due to a "septic shock, the final phase of a state caused by meningococcal infection."
The last hours of Federica.
Last Thursday, the student went to get tattooed in the usual center where he had already made other tattoos. Friday morning, however, exactly twenty hours later, she felt sick.
He was cold and tingling in the fingers and toes that prevented her from having the sensitivity. He had confided to a friend by phone. "I feel as if I was wearing a high fever and I do not feel my hands and feet."
He then went to the hospital St. Joseph, where his clinical status (sudden unstoppable hemorrhage) had appeared immediately serious: it was then transferred to the hospital.
The doctors had admitted to Intensive Care. At half Federica was already dead. The latest measurements.
The shop in which Federica had the tattoo was immediately inspected by the police of Nas, and the first outcome of the survey was negative, all according to the norm. Perfect hygienic conditions.
The hypothesis of an infected needle or sterile instruments just had not found any feedback.
According to testimonies collected at a later time among the people close to the girl, Federica, in reality, he began to feel ill on Thursday morning, ie before that were designed the tattoo on his shoulder, and only after its conditions, hour by hour , had deteriorated to the point of contact to get her to the ER.

di Anna Giorgi (auto-translate)

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